Founder of Prox13 and writer-Producer and creative mind behind End of an Empire. Zach has worked with mentors such as Grant Curtis (Producer of Spiderman 3) and James Cameron (Writer and Director of Avatar) Zach has gained the experience, confidence and relationships necessary to carry out the vision of his company. Zach also spent time working at 20th Century Fox learning the world of film distribution and the intricacies of the business. From the beginning of the company Zach has worked tirelessly with some of the world's best and brightest artists to create visually stunning projects to be brought to the big screen.

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Manager of business operations. He has worked with multiple start up companies and has worked with successful international corporate entities. Paul has a degree from BYU-Idaho in accounting and a masters degree in business administration from the University of Hawaii. Paul is dedicated to the vision of Prox13 and changing the world one movie at a time. 



Aussie screen writer. Has worked on numerous short films and theatrical productions. Art and Education degrees from the University of Queensland with a major in English Literature and Film & Television. Previously Dave was an accredited high school teacher of English, Film, Television and Drama. Dave has a deep passion  for the media arts especially in the telling of stories and bringing the story to life. 




Videographer, marketer, jack of all trades. After years of honing his talents in the video production sphere, Max has turned his attention to successfully marketing a number of brands and businesses. At Prox13, Max is the go-to guy for quick & dirty video one-offs, asset management and all things connected.

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Associate producer, graphic artist/designer, sound technician, creative consultant, and production assistant. Crichton is also a Hip-hop recording artist known as Island Heir as well as the owner of a mobile DJ business, a writer and an actor. Born and raised on the island of O'ahu. He is the resident Hawaiian/ local boy of Prox13.